1. Local Economy--- To promote a more diverse and stable economic base for the redevelopment project we are working on in our community. We see the changes that need to occur, our hearts are centered in the changing old types of business and to encourage new business to come to our community.  This activity will serve as a method of creativity for the community and involve local residents.
  1. Economic Development --- JGCDC seeks to further local business development in order to create jobs and community wealth.  We assist start-up and existing business, maintain an inventory of available property, help local entrepreneurs identify and obtain services and funds to help their business grow.  To promote employment opportunity for the residents of the project area and community
  1. Real Estate Development---JGCDC brings life to abandoned buildings by providing affordable housing to first –time homebuyers, converting old factories to new uses, and collaborating with city, state, and federal agencies on Brownfield redevelopment.  Renovating single-family homes for first time buyers, and establishing new or renovated apartment houses for training local residents how to maintain their property, and pay their bills on time…
  1. Neighborhood Planning---JGCDC wants to work closely with the community and assist residents and businesses in creating neighborhood plans that help future development.  These plans will serve as vehicles for collaboration between the community, the city, and developers as well as leverage funding for these projects. 
  1. Environment Conservation & Improvement-----JGCDC wants to conserve and improve exiting public facilities and provide new facilities as needed for the full and complete development of redevelopment projects area in the community. To create, conserve, and protect these environmental qualities that contribute to the beauty and character of the redevelopment projects in our community.