The J. Gordon Community Development Corporation (JGCDC) was born and established in 2003 by Pastor Raymond Mabion in order to fulfill his vision to improve the quality of life for all Missouri residents.  His vision has always included addressing and supporting economic, educational, social, ministry and outreach needs in the community while preserving the strong character of the surrounding communities in this area.  Pastor Raymond knew that in order to be successful in growing this newly formed 501(c) 3, organization, he needed to build a solid foundation of support people, resource opportunities along with state and local governmental support.  In 2004, Raymond decided to bring maturity to his two current outreach ventures which include pastoring his church and acting as CEO of a home health care agency prior to implementing the launch of the JGCDC.  In 1984 Pastor Mabion established the Kansas City Prayer Dome (KCPD) with just a few church members.  Over the years, the KCPD has attracted thousands of attendees and hundreds of regular church members.  In 1998, Pastor Raymond Mabion and his wife Opal Mabion founded the Bethlehem Home Health Company, Inc. (BHHC) as the company principals.  This family owned and operated business entity started with only four employees and has now grown to over 80 employees.  The formation of this company was the perfect gelation of Raymond’s strong medical sales and pharmaceuticals background, as well as Opal’s highly successful career as a Registered Nurse.