The J.Gordon Community Development Corporation (JGCDC) is dedicated to multi-faceted economic and community development through the improvement and enhancement of the local community and surrounding areas.   Some of the key efforts include entrepreneurship, job creation, job retention, economic stabilization and outreach services for the purpose of improving the total quality of life for everyone.

Our Commitment

We strive to assist everyone in our community to achieve the very best quality of life.

Job Creation & Retention
Business Creation
Multi-faceted Outreach
Economic Diversification
Enhance Distressed Areas
Serve The Disadvantaged

Our Goals & Objectives

Community Development is centered around five areas:

  • Improving Quality Of Life For Everyone
  • Economic Development
  • Real Estate Development
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Conserving & Improving The Environment

In 2003, Pastor Raymond Mabion and his wife Opal wanted to expand their vision to improve the quality of life for all Missouri residents.  The formation of JGCDC does just that by extending their already successful Businesses; Bethlehem Home Health Care Agency and The Bethlehem Christian Assembly Church (The Prayer Dome).

Community outreach is vital to the local economy for positive change 
Development of new services and opportunities for everyone is critical
Corporations and individuals alike strive for enhanced quality of life